Responsibility Centered Management

What was the timeline for the RCM project?

The transition to the current RCM model went through several stages between FY 2013 and FY 2016.

The first stage was a planning stage between Fall2012 and Fall2013. During this stage the President stated the purpose and guidelines the RCM system should follow.  The steering committee and sub-committees were formed and developed guiding principles and initial recommendations where formed.

The second stage was an initial design phase between Spring2014 and Summer2014. During this stage iterative modeling and testing was done to integrate the recommendations from the committee in to a single model, reporting began to be developed and governance models were discussed.

The third stage was the final design stage between Fall2014 and Spring2015. The FY2015 budget was formulated to prototype RCM systems in a pilot modeling year to further examine and compare outcomes before making a final recommendation to the president. This process included several opportunities for campus feedback during Fall2014. Governance processes and improved reporting were also implemented during the final design stage.

The last stage of the implementation process was implementation and monitoring between Summer2015 and Spring2016. Activity during FY2015 was factored into RCM resulting in the FY 2016 being the first year that RCM changed a unit’s budget.(i.e., July 1, 2015). RCM took effect only after the final model was tested, commented on via a campus feedback process, approval by the president, and reporting mechanisms made available to the university community.

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