Responsibility Centered Management

How does a college operate under RCM?

College decisions should be based on mission and academic priorities. College leadership should

  • be familiar with their internal cost structure
  • understand their revenues and costs
  • work within university and college shared governance structures

Units need to be able to predict with some level of accuracy changes in enrollment, space requirements, degrees, research expenditures, etc. These have an effect on both revenues and costs to their budgets. Departmental business officers should be familiar with the relevant components of the RCM model.

  • Components of the model to be familer with:
    • Tuition (All Types)
    • State Appropriation
    • Revenue associated with Sponsored Activity
    • Cost associated with Sponsored Activity
    • Cost associated with Space
    • Cost associated with Administration, Institutional Support, and Strategic Investments
    • Enrollments and credit hours and how to project these into the future for undergraduate and graduate students
    • How graduate students are funded

Watch a short video explaining this question (Video).