Responsibility Centered Management

Review Team: Research Subcommittee

  • Caroline Garcia, Co-Chair

    Associate Vice President, Research
  • Justin Walker, Co-Chair

    Associate Dean, Business Development & Administration, Optical Sciences
  • Brooks Jeffery

    Associate Vice President, Research and Professor, Architecture
  • Carol Gregorio

    Vice Dean, Innovation and Development and Head & Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
  • Garth Perry

    Assistant Director, Budget Office, Business Affairs
  • Jane Zavisca

    Associate Dean, Research/Graduate Studies - SBS and Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Jim Florian

    Associate Vice President, Institutional Analysis, Academic Affairs
  • Katie Van Renterghem

    Principal Analyst, Institutional Data, Budget Office
  • Kenneth "Ken" McAllister

    Associate Dean, Research / Program Innovation - Humanities
  • Kriss Pope

    Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration - Engineering
  • Marcia Rieke

    Associate Department Head & Regents' Professor, Astronomy
  • Megan Arriaga

    Analyst, Institutional, Budget Office
  • Parker Antin

    Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
  • Roger Miesfeld

    Head & Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry