Responsibility Centered Management

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  • Guest Column: Let's Talk About RCM

    March 16th, 2015
    If you have questions about Responsibility Centered Management, now is the time to start talking with the leadership of your unit about how implementation of the University's new budget model may affect your unit. In December, deans, department heads and directors attended an RCM open house where a draft model of RCM was introduced. Since then, several RCM workshops have been held to provide deans, associate and assistant deans, as well as budget and finance officers from all colleges and vice presidential units, with hands-on training for using the model. Various members of the RCM steerin...Read More
  • The Three T's of RCM

    January 13th, 2015
    Deans, department heads and directors heard about progress being made on the UA's new budget model during a recent presentation by Provost Andrew Comrie. Responsibility Centered Management, or RCM, is designed to make the UA's budgeting process more transparent, more decentralized and more closely aligned with goals outlined in the UA's Never Settle strategic academic and business plan. A steering committee and nine subcommittees have been working to share information and gather feedback from deans, assistant and associate deans, vice presidents and Responsibility Unit Business Officers, who...Read More
  • RCM Budget Model On Track, New Information Resources Available

    November 4th, 2014
    For those who are curious about what the UA's new budget model will look like or how it's being developed, new resources are now available to help increase understanding. The UA is moving toward a Responsibility Centered Management budget model that will make the University's budget process more transparent, more decentralized and more closely aligned with the goals of the UA's Never Settle strategic academic and business plan. RCM is expected to replace the University's current incremental budget process starting in fiscal year 2016. This year's budget was based on the incremental system and...Read More
  • Team RCM Updates Heads Luncheon Attendees

    April 30th, 2014
    Team RCM Presents RCM Updates Team RCM presented RCM updates to a well attended Heads luncheon on Wednesday, 30 April 2014. The Heads luncheon, sponsored by Tom Miller,the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, was very interested in learning about RCM progress to date.  Team RCM presenters included: Gail Burd – Chair of the Differential and Program Fee committee Shane Burgess – Chair of the Facilities and Space committee Vincent Del Casino – Chair of the Undergraduate Tuition committee Caroline Garcia – Chair of the Sponsored Activity committee Lisa Rulney – Chair of the Committee on Institut...Read More
  • RCM Transition Timeline

    April 7th, 2014
    View Larger Image The RCM implementation is expected to move through several phases. The remainder of this fiscal year will be spent further examining and incorporating existing cost components into a prototype RCM model. The Steering Committee plans to present a preliminary proposal for the RCM model to the president in June for her review.  The FY2015 budget is currently being formulated and the intent is to run the current and prototype RCM systems in a pilot modeling year during FY2015 to further examine and compare outcomes before making a final recommendation to the president. This wil...Read More