Responsibility Centered Management

Team RCM Updates Heads Luncheon Attendees

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Team RCM Presents RCM Updates

Team RCM presented RCM updates to a well attended Heads luncheon on Wednesday, 30 April 2014. The Heads luncheon, sponsored by Tom Miller,the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, was very interested in learning about RCM progress to date.  Team RCM presenters included:

  • Gail Burd – Chair of the Differential and Program Fee committee
  • Shane Burgess – Chair of the Facilities and Space committee
  • Vincent Del Casino – Chair of the Undergraduate Tuition committee
  • Caroline Garcia – Chair of the Sponsored Activity committee
  • Lisa Rulney – Chair of the Committee on Institutional Overhead Cost Centers, General Administration, Strategic Investments (Cost Distribution)

The presenters addressed issues such as how RCM is being philosophically based on the guiding principles adopted by the Steering committee; discussion of some of the major issues the RCM subcommittees are facing; how is RCM is going to be tested and implemented; and the projected  schedule for implementation.

Vincent Del Casino, Gail Burd, and Lisa Rulney

Heads Luncheon Attendees