Responsibility Centered Management

RCM Transition Timeline

Monday, April 7, 2014

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The RCM implementation is expected to move through several phases.

The remainder of this fiscal year will be spent further examining and incorporating existing cost components into a prototype RCM model. The Steering Committee plans to present a preliminary proposal for the RCM model to the president in June for her review. 

The FY2015 budget is currently being formulated and the intent is to run the current and prototype RCM systems in a pilot modeling year during FY2015 to further examine and compare outcomes before making a final recommendation to the president. This will include a process for campus feedback during Fall 2014. Therefore, while activity during FY2015 (and potentially prior years too) will be factored into RCM, the earliest that RCM could change a unit’s budget will be in FY2016 (i.e., July 1, 2015).

RCM will not take effect until the final model is tested, commented on via a campus feedback process, approved by the president, and reporting mechanisms are available. The precise timeline for the actual implementation of RCM will also depend on the stability of the external environment at the time (e.g., avoiding implementation during a budget crisis).